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Children’s Adventure Program (CAP)

IH Vancouver offers the CAP for children ages 5-12 of all English abilities.


This theme-based program combines educational lessons with in-class activities and excursions, and includes a minimum of 2 full-day field trips per week.


All of our CAP staff are accredited and certified elementary school teachers who have direct experience teaching international students. Our small classes provide an intensive immersive learning atmosphere. Children interact with peers from all over the world, making friendships that will last a lifetime.


• Small class sizes (max. 16/class)

• Offered in July & August
- open to groups in other months

• CAP Vancouver includes:
- Tuition and local activities

• Theme-based, multi-level program

• All instructors are BC certified teachers

* IH Vancouver does not accept unaccompanied minors under the age of 12.


Families and IH Vancouver

The Young Learner program campus is located only a short distance from the adult program (3 stops by sky train). Ideal for families looking for an enriching study/ travel experience in Vancouver. Study hours are identical for both the adult and children’s programs and numerous weekend excursions are available for families to popular destinations such as the Rocky Mountains, Whistler, Victoria, and Tofino.